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*FREE Service Call with any Completed Repair
We will waive the diagnostic fee if repair is completed. Not valid for third party, prior sales, new construction or any other offers or deals. Coupon required at time of service.
**FREE UV Light with all New Air Conditioning Systems
At time of purchase only. Not valid for third party, prior sales, new construction or any other offers or deals. Coupon required at time of service.
***FREE Duct Sanitization When Buying 3 Year Maintenance Contract
One(1) Duct Sanitization scheduled within first thirty(30) days of contract start date. Retail value of $189.99. Financing options available. Call for details. Coupon required at time of service.
3 Year Maintenance Contract includes:
  • No Service Charge or Overtime Charges
  • 6 Preventative Maintenance Checks/2 Each Year
  • 15% Off All Replacement Parts
  • 24 Hours 7 Days a Week Emergency Service

AC Repair in Orlando, FL | A Necessity of Life

ac repair orlandoAir conditioning down south, especially in the state of Florida, is more of a necessity than a luxury. In the midst of summer temperatures can hit the 100’s but it is the humidity that will leave Floridians’ , and even those visiting, desperate for air conditioning and feeling cool and relaxed. Trying to sleep in the Florida weather is almost impossible if you do not have the air conditioning on full blast. AC Repair in Orlando, FL is a true necessity.

ProMag Energy Group, Inc. services Florida, statewide. Our mission as a professional AC repair company is to make sure that your residential and/or commercial space is equipped with an AC unit. Regardless of your financial situation ProMag Energy Group, Inc. does not turn anyone down who is in need of cool air. We offer in-house and out-of-house financing options for all customers who are interested in having an air conditioning unit installed in their space. No one should have to suffer because of their financial situations.

Not only do we specialize in new ac installs and emergency services, but our trained and certified technicians are also experts when it comes to preventative maintenance of any, and all, air conditioning units. No matter what make or model our technicians will do all they can make all the necessary ac repairs, with the consent of the customer.


Preventative Maintenance | The Orlando AC Repair Toolkit

Preventative maintenance involves making sure that your AC unit is energy efficient and does not pose a threat to the overall Orlando, FL environment within your residential and/or commercial space. It is one of the most important aspects of any AC repair in Orlando, FL. This is all possible with the help of a 24 point inspection sheet that our technicians are required to run through when inspecting your air conditioning unit. The inspection covers the mechanical and technical aspects of your entire ac unit for thorough ac repair in Orlando, FL.

An inspection should be done to your air conditioning unit twice a year; before the “winter” season and before the summer season. When paired with a duct cleaning, which should also be done twice a year, we guarantee that your AC unit will last longer, be more energy efficient, and you and those who are in your home and/or office will be less likely to be a victim of air pollution (yes, air pollution within your home can happen!)

Want to save energy while also saving money?


AC Repair in Orlando Tip #3 | Insulation Saves Energy and Money

Make sure your home is properly insulated from your attic all the way down to the crawlspace. At ProMag Energy Group, Inc. we use ProPink Blownin-Insulation. This advancement in technology allows more space to be covered than your traditional rolled in insulation. The blown-in-insulation is literally blown into the area and in a matter of seconds it hardens like a rock. It is because of this that it is less likely for the cool air from your home to leak out causing energy to be wasted and your energy bill to increase.


24/7 Orlando AC Repair Experts | Your Comfort is #1 Always

We are available to all Floridians’ 24/7 and we will do everything in our power to make sure that you are comfortable and cool in your own personal space within hours. When it comes to your AC Repair Orlando, FL ProMag Energy Group, Inc. has got you covered and our low, affordable prices will be sure to make your jaw drop!

Call today, right now, for an estimate! The #1 Orlando AC Repair Experts!

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